Restorative festival tents

The Camplight Definition

Camplight is an independent campsite within a boundary at an event. Camplight rents out the standard camp equipment set up, ready and waiting for you when you arrive. As our prices suggest, we are not Glamping or Boutique; we’re just a piece of common sense, among the creative craziness of the brilliant festivals that we serve.
To book with Camplight you need to buy your festival tickets first. Then place your order with us here.
We provide some basic facilities outlined on "our Facilities" page. Our Campsites are always carefully located to be close to the action so that if you book with us you won’t lose that sought after location. We also offer group bookings and guest pitches so that even if you arrive after the event starts you will not lose that location with your mates near the action. Whether you are a family, a chiller or a hedonist we do our best to group you together.
So don’t stress, just click your tent and travel light with just a weekend bag by foot, on bike, bus or train; have the holiday you deserve!

The Camplight Project Cause

Mission Statement: Transform the way that people travel to and stay at UK festivals into a more sustainable model.

Camplight has been set up from Circular Economy thinking as a solution to the problem of people leaving their tents at events. We do this by picking abandoned tents up before they end up going to landfill. We clean and restore them, and offer them back to festival goers at an affordable hire price. Better value all round than everyone buying cheap tents to lug to a festival just to leave and fill a hole in the ground. Basically we don’t leave festival sites looking like the 2 pictures below after every one has gone. The result of all this is an environmentally beneficial company that clears up events as it does business!

This is why our slogan is Clearing up Events – Hiring Out Tents

Work continues to make Camplight a truly triple bottom line business as we look at the best Co Operative Legal structure for Camplight. This will mean more people can begin to get the Camplight experience and will pave the way for us to work together to change how people visit and camp at festivals.

Post Festival Pictures: we’re in green, the rest is the norm.

Camplight Cooperative

In 2021 Camplight became a workers cooperative which means it it owned and managed by all it’s workers and everyone has an equal say when making decisions. Community is at our core! Co-ops have a set of values that are caring for others, maintaining democracy, equity and equality, practicing honesty and openness, self help, self responsibility, solidarity and social responsibility. Below are the 7 principles followed by all cooperatives.

1. Voluntary and open membership, they don’t discriminate based on gender, social, racial, political or religious factors.
2. A co-op is democratic – this means every member has an equal say in how it’s run and how profits are used.
3. Every member contributes in some way – from buying products, working for the co-op, investing in it or deciding how to spend its profits.
4. A co-op is an independent business, owned and controlled by its members. It doesn’t compromise it’s autonomy.
5. It offers education and training to everyone involved, so they can develop the co-op and promote the benefits of co-operation.
6. Co-operation among co-operatives! Co-ops believe working together is the best strategy to empower their members and build a stronger co-op economy.
7. Concern for community. Co-ops are community minded and contribute to the sustainable development of their communities by sourcing and investing locally.

The faces behind the tents are Kieran, Molkie, Lily and Rebecca!

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