Facilities with Camplight

Facilities with Camplight

Camplight takes care of the campsite basics for you so you can just turn up. It's not Glamping or Boutique, but we do have some things that we can do to make your stay easier. Check out our helpful facilities below. Not all these facilities will be at every festival. There is a list of which facilities are at your event on the event page in the Important Information / Campsite Section.

Camplight Staff

Camplight Crew

During the event Camplight staff will be around to help. When on duty they will wear High Vis and Camplight T Shirts. They are tent professionals!

Rubbish & Recycling

Camplight Recycling bins

One mission of ours is to keep the Campsite cleaner and so we have been developing a campsite rubbish and recycling bin. You'll have one near your tent!


Camplight Camping Chairs for Hire

An important part of chillaxing. They are so popular that we are making a trailor especially for them. At most events chairs are free, apart from at the large events where you can book them with your tent.

Waterless Shower

Camplight waterless wash

For events where we don't have the shower tower we are offering this waterless wash kit for hire. We hope that these will eliminate the wet wipe shower that leaves millions of wet wipes for rubbish crews to pick up. Bring your own towel to try this out.

Fancy Dress

Camplight fancy dress box

We tend to have fancy dress left after some of our events. So we have a box that we put it in if you forget to bring your own. Sometimes we even have some to lend..


Camplight toilets

We don't have our own Toilets but we do try to be a short walk (but not too close) to those available on site.

Water and Hand Washing

Camplight water facilities

We try to arrange a standpoint in our campsite and we do even try to have some kind of sink/basin but these services are not guaranteed. There may be more info in event information section on the event page.

Travel John

We hire some of these handy little products for relief in those moments of discomfort in the inner tent. We don't allow toilet tents in our campsite.

Inflatable Tent Markers

Camplight inflatable tent marker

Inflatables can be very handy at busy events. One way we sometimes use them is to guard/mark your tent if you arrive late at night after the crew have gone to sleep.

Porch Poles

We don't add porch poles to every tent but we have lots so if you want them for your tent just ask.

Family Friendly

Pre Pitched Tents Campsite at your event

In every campsite we put anyone who requests family together in a group. This keeps kids together and away from crazy festival folk.

Tarpaulins & Groundsheets

We don't always add all the ground sheets to our tents. But we have lots of spares around if you need one for your tent or to customise your camp.

Universal Access

We are working on making Camplight facilities more accessible but cannot guarantee universal access. We are in the normal public Campsite and it can get very busy! If you have suggestions or improvements please do inform us.

Be welcomed into the Camplight Campsite Hub by our Friendly Crew!

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