Standon Calling Festival

2024 Event Posponed


  • We can pitch your tents in 1 of 3 campsites on site at Standon 2022. Please use the special box on the checkout page to tell us where you will like us to pitch your tents.
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Important information

Tickets & Booking

- Group Booking: Use a "Group Name" during Checkout to get pitched next to your mates (tents together). So decide on a Group name now, and then "create a group" when you order your tent. Then tell your mates the name so they can "join your group" when they order their tents. You can come up with a memorable group name or simply use your own name. This year we will also have some "pre made groups".
- Lavish Lands: If you have already booked a reservation in the Lavish Lands campsite we can place your Camplight tent there. Please use the additional Lavish Lands box in the checkout to give us your Lavish Lands Booking number. We will then book your tent in Lavish Lands.
- Family or Quiet Camping: Camplight is not in the Standon Calling family campsite but a separate self contained campsite in a great location on the festival site. We can still bunch families together within the Camplight boundary so if you are a Family or want to request a relatively Quiet camping spot please use the "Additional Notes " box on the Checkout page to inform us. You may also use the Additional Notes Box on the checkout page for other specific requests.
- What's Included: Prices are for tents pre erected and reserved for you when you arrive. Prices are for the entire event duration, but you do not have to stay for the entire event. Prices on the Camplight website do not include event tickets, travel to event or car parking at the event.
- Website Booking: Website ordering will close between 2 weeks and 2 days before event start date. So order now to avoid disappointment! Subject to availability, there is no limit on the amount of tents that you can buy in one go. Choose or create one package at a time and add each to your basket. When you have made all your packages, view basket and proceed to the checkout. Stock is only secured once payment is received. If you miss website ordering, we cannot guarantee availability. We only hire equipment to Camplight customers and that equipment should be used within the Camplight Campsite.
- Transfers and Cancellation: Once an order is placed items for hire on that order cannot be changed. However, the order could be transferred to another person for a £15 admin fee (not within 14 days before event start date). After an order is placed it can be cancelled within 21 days for free. After 21 days cancellation will incur a £15 admin fee. If you cancel an order within 14 days before the event start date any refund is at our sole discretion.


- Location: Camplight will be located in general camping. However, if you have a Lavish Lands ticket for Standon Calling 2021, please write 'LAVISH LANDS' in the notes box on the checkout page and we can set up your tent in Lavish Lands. The Camplight campsite in not in the Lavish Lands Campsite
- Facilities present: Camplight Staff; Rubbish and Recycling; Chairs (for hire); and Tarps. Toilets and Taps are close. More info on Our Facilities page. The Solar Shower Tower will not be at this event.
- Layout: To carry on in true festival style our campsite tents are arranged in a random festival layout, not pitched in school like lines! When you arrive you will be shown the route to your specially prepared camp by one of our staff.
- Campsite Opening Times: Open over the Standon Calling Festival dates (20th - 23rd July 2023). The same licensing laws apply to when the public can be on site.
- Checkout: Monday by high noon. Please let us know when you leave so that we can clean and take down your tent.
- Security: There is no perimeter fence around the Camplight campsite. There will be Camplight stewards around to help and keep an eye on things but we are not security. If alerted, we will not let unknowns or security enter your tent without your permission and we won't either. We cannot take any responsibility for your personal possessions.
- Lost Property: We have no formal procedure for lost property apart from things that are found are generally brought to the reception area. So if you lose something or left it in your tent call us straight away on (07782 849052) to find out if we have it. Once we have left site there is little chance of finding it again.
- Tents: Many of our tents are different shapes and colours so not every 1 person 2 person 4 person is the same. This is characteristic of the fact that all our tents are saved after being left at previous events by festival goers who don’t want to carry all their stuff home after a three day Party. Please understand that tents are matched to orders at random and are always equal to or above specification. What this means is there is a small possibility that your tent may not be as fantastic as your neighbours. If you would like a bigger tent, then just order one because our prices remain unmatched anywhere else in the pre pitched (and upcycled!) camping sector.

Travel & Arrival

- Travel Light: Travel Green info here
- Arrival: Remember to bring your Camplight order number (5 digits) with you. When you arrive on site, walk to the Camplight Reception. A member of Camplight staff will greet you, ask for your order number, fetch any additional items you ordered and show you to your tents!
- Reception Hours: will be 10am to 6pm every day but if you are arriving late call us and let us know.
- Finding Us: Detailed information regarding getting here and arrival will be sent to customers before the event. Maps, Contacts, Routes, Land marks, Signs all that sort of thing…
- Mailing List: When you make your order with camplight we will need to add you to our mailling list. You can unsubscribe at anytime but please do not unsubscribe before we send you Arrival Information.
- Arrival Info & Map: We will send Arrival info to help you find our Campsite a couple of days before the event & after ordering has closed. Check your email just before you leave for the event.

Visit the Standon Calling site for more information on the event.

Camplight Terms & Conditions

We recommend reading our terms and conditions if you can't find information on the site it's likely to be here on the T&C's page.