Supersize Your Campsite Capacity with the Campsite Providers

Tents, Furnishings, Chairs, Kitchens, Covered Outdoor Spaces, Even Showers!

Below are some of the things that Camplight can help you deliver at your Field or Campsite

Accommodate up to 800 guests in Pre Pitched Tents

Where Where and When do you want them? Do you want to pitch them or shall we pitch them for you?  Prices lower then £5 per person per night!

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Keep up to 800 people comfortable and warm using our Additional Furnishings

350 Air beds, 250 Roll mats, 150 Sleeping Bags, 50 Campbeds we can provide it all.


roll mats
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Sleeping Bag

Seats for over 200 people for 4 days for only £500

We have lots camp chairs ready and waiting to be deployed any time of year. If you have a concert, private party or any occasion where you will need to sit a number of people then camp chairs may be your best option. We can deliver up to 225 camp chairs, help place them, and pick them up after your mass sitting for prices as low as £2 per chair. We could do more as well – just ask by using our contact page.

camp chairs
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Use our Campsite Kitchen as a self catering kitchen anywhere

A table for up to 8 people to sit around under shelter with out door kitchen including stove, sink and even solar lighting, sound system and phone charging facilities.

Campsite at Nozstock Festival
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Campsite at NASS Festival
Campsite at NASS Festival


Add a Unique and Quirky Shower Block to your Campsite

The Solar Showers we have built are completely unique and off grid (apart from the water hook up). They run on Sunshine and water the fields while campers wash and clean them selves in one of the 4 cubicles.

festival solar shower
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Hire Additional Undercover Space come Sun or Rain

This event shelter shelter is one of the only shelters that catches the rain to prevent boggy ground.
You can also add a fire brazier in the middle to provide a focus point for your campers

event shelter
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Offer Rubbish & Recycling Services to Campers

We have a unique design of tent side bin that we can provide with the tents. It is lightweight, rain proof, easy to deploy and quick to service. When we run our campsite we try to make sure that every 2 tents have a bin between them. Campers close proximity to a disposal point means they will actually use it!

We can offer the campsite rubbish and recycling bins as a service for your event. We will bring the bins and keep the camp site clean. Happy Tents, Happy Campers. If this sounds of use to you just give us a call or email with your requirements. Keep it clean, keep it green, keep it Camplight.

campsite bin

Festival Campsite Bins

recycling tick







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